Polarex eyepieces set of 3 Ortho 0.965" eyepieces for telescopes


Polarex eyepieces set of 3 Ortho 0.965" eyepieces for telescopes

Orthoscopic eyepieces are wel suited for observing planets.  The Polarex orthoscopic eyepieces are very rare.  Certainly the 4, 5 and 6mm.

The Polarex / Unitron (same constructor, but two brands) are high quality Japanese telescopes.  From the 1950s to the 1980s Nihon Seiko Kenkyusho, Tokyo manufactured these wonderful telescopes and mounts.  They are a pleasure to collect and certainly to use.  Despite the achromatic lens they are superior to the modern cheap Chinese apo’s. Collector's know the excellent reputation of the Unitron - Polarex Fraunhofer achromat refractors.

We try to describe the telescope, the mount and the accessories as accurate as possible.  If the description isn’t clear, please contact us

Included in the sale

  • 4mm Polarex Ortho eyepiece. 0.965" barrel
  • 5mm Polarex Ortho eyepiece. 0.965" barrel
  • 6mm Polarex Ortho eyepiece. 0.965" barrel

The eyepieces are in excellent condition
minor traces of use
Glass is clear

Our service
We have been selling vintage astronomical instruments for over more than 10 years.
I'm a amateur astronomer myself and all instruments I sell are in good working condition.
I test all the telescopes under the stars and know the possibilities of each instrument
All the instruments are controlled and cleaned before shipping.
The necessary reparations are done.
If possible missing parts are replaced.
If not, read the item description carefully for possible defects.
Take a close look at the photos.
The advantage is you know exactly what you're buying.
We put a lot of effort in the wrapping of the items.
We use professional shippers for the world wide shipping.
We have experience in shipping large instruments up to the unique and complete 6" Unitron - Polarex
Each shipping has a tracking number.
If wanted the shipping can be ensured door2door
Returns are possible.
The buyer needs to know how to use the instrument in the right way.
There is a limited warranty because we don't sell new instruments but used vintage instruments.

International Buyers
We ship worldwide
We accept Paypal (no charges). Please contact us.

More information
We try to describe the item as accurate as possible. If the description isn't clear, please contact us.

  • photographic process: Vintage telescope accessory
  • Vintage photo made by: Polarex / Unitron

  • Polarex eyepieces set of 3 Ortho 0.965\" eyepieces for telescopes
  • Polarex eyepieces set of 3 Ortho 0.965\" eyepieces for telescopes

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