Steinheil 60mm f:18, +/- 1940, classic tabletop telescope, box

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Steinheil 60mm f:18, +/- 1940, classic tabletop telescope,  box

Only know of another Steihneil 60mm tabletop telescope in the US. 
This tabletop telescope can be used for terrestrial and astronomical observations.  The lens is made by Steinheil is of very heigh quality.  The telescope comes with the original woorden box.
About Steinheil
C. A. Steinheil Söhne Optical and Astronomical Works was a German optical company based in Munich (München), Bavaria. It made optical equipment and camera lenses from the 19th century until at least the 1970s.
The company was founded in 1855 by Carl August von Steinheil (1801-1870), a German physicist and astronomer. At the time of founding, the organization was known as the Steinheil Optical Institute.
The company made many of the astronomical telescopes for German observatories include those at Upsala, Mannheim, Leipzig, and Utrecht.
Carl's son Hugo Adolph Steinheil (1832-1893) bought out father's interest in the Institute, renamed it to C. A. Steinheil Söhne and continued as owner of the company after his father's death in 1870. In 1866 it invented the Aplanat lens. In 1890, Adolph's son, Rudolph Steinheil (1865-1930), joined the family business, eventually become owner in 1892.
During the early years, the company referred to itself as C. A. Steinheil Söhne but was commonly known simply as Steinheil. In the 1930s, Steinheil became a stock company and was jointly owned by Rudolph Steinheil's five daughters.

On 24 Oct, 1952 C.A. Steinheil filed for a United States trademark on the word Steinheil. The trademark registration was granted on 23 March, 1954. At the time of filing L. F. Von Hornstein was listed as the Director of the company and the address was listed as St. Martinstrasse 76, Munich 8, Germany. The company name on trademark filings in the 1950s was shown as Optische Werke C. A. Steinheil Sohne GmbH. The trademark application states that the name Steinheil was first used in commerce in 1884.

Included in the sale
Steinheil tabletop telescope SN 6224
60mm lens made by Steinheil SN 624332
Alt az mount
astronomical eyepiece 30mm
Terrestrial eyepiece
dew shield
Original wooden box


Tested the telescope several times and the optics are in fine condition
The focuser is smooth and precise
The mount works perfect
The mount and tube few have signs of use

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  • photographic process: Vintage telescope
  • Vintage photo made by: Telescope Manufacturer

  • Steinheil 60mm f:18, +/- 1940, classic tabletop telescope, box
  • Steinheil 60mm f:18, +/- 1940, classic tabletop telescope, box
  • Steinheil 60mm f:18, +/- 1940, classic tabletop telescope, box
  • Steinheil 60mm f:18, +/- 1940, classic tabletop telescope, box
  • Steinheil 60mm f:18, +/- 1940, classic tabletop telescope, box
  • Steinheil 60mm f:18, +/- 1940, classic tabletop telescope, box
  • Steinheil 60mm f:18, +/- 1940, classic tabletop telescope, box

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