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Anamorfose Update, June 2016


Before you leave for the holidays we present you a selection of our new inventory of vintage photos, books and instruments.

Best regards,

Xavier Debeerst

P.s.:On our website you can always discover the new photos we have acquired.  This is only a selection of our collection.  Contact us with your request.  I'm sure we can make an interesting and strong offer.

Gustave Marissiaux, Vision d’Artiste,
1908, Belgium,
Signed, titled, numbered & dated,
Photogravure, Excellent,
Original mounting,
42,5  X  30 cm

Gustave Marissiaux, Verona,
16/09/1911, Belgium,
Signed, titled & dated,
Sury print, Good,
Original mounting,
8,3 (13,7)  X  10,7 (19,2) cm

Marcel De Kérolyr, Nébuleuses dans le Bouclier d’Orion,
+/-1927, France,
Handwriting: title and photographers name,
Vintage silver print, Excellent,
Original mounting,
17 (23,2)  X  12 (18) cm

Marcel De Kérolyr, La voie Lactée dans la constellation de Céphie,
+/-1927, France,
Handwriting: title ,
Vintage silver print, Excellent,
Original mounting,
20,5 (28,7)  X  14,5 (23) cm

NASA, Space Shuttle Discovery, astronaut Dale A. Gardner,
1985, United States,
c-print on Kodak paper, Very Good,
Not mounted,
23 (25,3)  X  15,2 (20,2) cm

NASA, 5 photos Apollo, from Black Star,
1969, United States,
Handwriting on the back,
Vintage silver print (Press photo), Very Good,
Not mounted,
25,3  X  20,8 cm

Unitron - Polarex 132F
102mm photographic refractor
Motor drive
Guide scope

Oigee Mentor
2" 50mm refractor
Equatorial mount
Germany, 1922

Pentax J60 refractor
Altaz mount

Carl Zeiss Jena Telementor I
63mm telescope
equatorial mount
Very good

Julius Scheiner, Die Photographie der Gestirne,
1897, Germany,
Titled & dated,
Book, Very Good,
23,5  X  16,5 cm

J. Herschel, Treatise on Astronomy,
1851, UK,
Handwritingand ex libris,
Book, Good,
17  X  11 cm

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