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CSIRO Solar Observatory, Magnetogram of the Sun using the Ramsay


CSIRO Solar Observatory, Magnetogram of the Sun using the Ramsay Filter,

24/10/1969, Australia,
Photographers name & title on the back,
Vintage silver print, Excellent,
Not mounted,
11,7  X  15,9 cm

Very rare experiment.  
A magnetogram is not a "picture" of the Sun which you might see with your eyes. Rather, it's an image taken by an instrument which can detect the strength and location of the magnetic fields on the Sun. In a magnetogram, grey areas indicate that there is no magnetic field, while black and white areas indicate regions where there is a strong magnetic field. (Any colors could have been chosen; the grey-black-white is just a common convention, or choice.) 

The above magnetogram shows the surface distribution and polarity of the Sun's magnetic fields and sunspots at a very active time during its sunspot cycle. When the Sun is very active. The number of sunspots is at a maximum, and solar magnetism is dominated by large biopolar sunspots within two parallel bands oriented in the east-west direction.

Photo ID: 4541

  • photographic process: Vintage silver print
  • Vintage photo made by: Various Photographers

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