J. B. Dancer (attr.), A Family Group from Life


J. B. Dancer (attr.), A Family Group from Life,

+/- 1850, UK,
Information label,
Microphotograph (wet collodion), Excellent,
Original mounting,
2,5  X  7,5 cm

This microphoto is probably made from a Daguerreotype.

Beginning around 1853, the first of the J. B. Dancer (inventor of the process) Miniature Photograph Slides became available, growing to a numbered series of several hundred images over the next twenty years or so. They featured photographic images of famous people, art works, buildings, geographic landmarks, etc. Eventually, other individuals, as well as Dancer, produced and sold these popular types of slides with tiny photographs that were only visible with the aid of the microscope. They remained popular on into the 1890s when interest in them waned, and production ceased.

Source: http://www.victorianmicroscopeslides.com

Photo ID: 5490

  • photographic process: Microphotograph (wet collodion)
  • Vintage photo made by: Various Photographers

  • J. B. Dancer (attr.), A Family Group from Life

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