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In their struggle of turning photography into an art which is independent of the camera techniques Surrealist photographers rediscovered the Photogram. Again nothing new but the revival of an old technique going back to Fox Talbot.

The photogram is very easy to make: you take a piece of unexposed photographic paper, you put an object on it, expose an develop it and you have a photogram. One of the characteristics of the photogram is that each print is unique.
This easy and rapid technique had a lot of applications: reproducing lace, copying text, making art studies, etc.

In this on-line exhibition, which is a part of Tatouage, Sources of Surrealist photography, we present 10 rare photograms.

The most rare one is the cyanotype photogram the human body made in 1910 in France. The subject, the size, the technique makes it a masterpiece.

We present 5 other cyanotype photograms used to illustrate a lace collection. The most fabulous one is Vitraye: a large size photogram of a piece of lace.


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