Dr. Max Wolf, Stereoskopbilder vom Sternhimmel, 2. Serie 3. Aufl


Dr. Max Wolf, Stereoskopbilder vom Sternhimmel, 2. Serie 3. Auflage,

1922, Germany,
Title, photographers name and edition on the cover,
Vintage silver print, Excellent,
17  X  9 cm

Portfolio with 12 vintage silverprint stereoscopic astrophotos with the original German booklet. Rare second serie of twelve stereophotos.

“Stereoskophilder vom Sternhimmel. 2. Serie. Von Professor Max Wolf. . Leipzig: Verlag von Johann Ambrosius Barth.

With the exception of pictures of the sun and moon astronomical photographs always look flat. From the nature of the case this must be so for the distances are so great that we can have no effect of perspective. But by properly combining photographs taken at suitable intervals of time the stereoscope introduces a perspective and gives an apparent solidity that must be charming to everyone who is interested in celestial objects.

This series of twelve pictures by Professor Max Wolf are very satisfactory both in choice of subject and in execution. They are as follows
(i) "A Variable Star"; (2) ''A Planet with Moons"; (3) "A Planetoid"
(4) "A Meteor"; (5) "Perrine's Comet"; (6) "Perrine's Comet"
(7) "Perrine's Comet"; (8) "Proper Motion of a Fixed Star"
(9) " The Nebula" ; (10) " The Great Nebula of Orion "
(11) "Surface of the Moon"; (12) "Surface of the Moon."
The picture of Saturn, showing two of its moons, is particularly interesting.

We would suggest that these pictures might well find their way into the classroom, as few students will fail to be delighted with them.

W. D. MacMillan

Review in "The Astrophysical Journal, THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PRESS, CHICAGO. ILLINOIS, EDITORS George E. Hale Edwin,

Photo ID: 5181

  • photographic process: Vintage silver print
  • Vintage photo made by: Wolf, Max

  • Dr. Max Wolf, Stereoskopbilder vom Sternhimmel, 2. Serie 3. Aufl

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