The Free Body

Nudism was a logical consequence of the philosophical and ethical evolutions of the end of the Nineteenth Century. All over Europe nudist schools, institutions and camps were founded. A full and well-organised nude culture became a fact with its own organisations and publications.

During the interwar period nudism grew spectacularly, especially in Germany. Until the Thirties there was a social basis and a political tolerance. Nudism was accepted and the publications could be sold freely. Only the Church and the bourgeois establishment had their occasional objections, but the critics were not strong enough to break up the movement. There were nudists in all layers of society.

In the beginning the FKK had two tendencies: a labour movement with communist sympathies and a more intellectual movement, based on different philosophical ideas. Only a minority of the nudists supported the racial issues.

With the rise of the Nazist society in 1933 there was a period of juridical uncertainty. Nudism was no longer compatible with the ethical theses of Nazism. The political powers also feared a too large influence of communism. On the other hand the Nazi ideologists recognised nudism as a possible ally for their racial doctrine. From 1933 to 1936 nudism was banned and the members of FKK were obliged to become members of a politically controlled organisation. The effect of the ban was very small. The influence of national-socialism could however be noticed in the activities of the nudists.  There was a lot of focus on gymnastics and sports.

Present-day nudism has no relation at all with the fascist doctrines.


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