Alexandre, pioneer of pictorialism

Albert Edouard Drain "Alexandre" Belgian Pictorialist

Born Edouard Albert Drains in Paris (1855-1925),  the photographer known professionally as Alexandre  moved to Brussels in 1875.  His  technical bravura, his willingness to try anything and his use of “instantaneous” flash photography  attracted the attention of Khnopff   He was in close contact with Les XX, especially Jena Delville, Xavier Mellery and Mellery’s former pupil Khnopff.  In 1896 Alexandre executed platinum plates of works by Khnopff, which Khnopff then enhanced with color, creating a series of unique new images.    This work earned Alexandre an invitation to join the British Linked Ring Brotherhood (1893-1908), eventually becoming  official photographer to the royal family.  He died  at Nice.

Source: The Blue Lantern, Free aesthetic in Belgium


Die Kunst in der Photographie (Art Folio #3)1899

Photo-Club de Paris / 1897, Pl. I 1897  "Quatrième Année Salon de Photographie" of the Photo-Club of Paris (1897)

"Première Exposition d'Art Photographique" of the Photo-Club of Paris (1894) Photo-Club de Paris / 1894, Pl. XXXI

Photo-Club de Paris / 1895, Pl. XXXIV "Deuxieme Exposition d'Art Photographique" of the Photo-Club of Paris (1895)   

Die Kunst in der Photographie (Art Folio #4) 1897



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