Christoph Bruneel, bookmaker & restorer

Christophe Bruneel isn't a photographer. He's a contemporary photographer. What's the difference?

Christophe uses photos in his books and collages in the same way as text and other elements. The result is always a very sensitive, visual play. Intriguing and surprising.


Christoph Bruneel - Peter Caesens - Peter Vandewiele

A Belgian artistic cell created in 1989 around a first book-project.

3-Werf is a submarine commanded by 3 captains who are working alone, with two, with three, up to 7 combinations. The crews they recruit under the international flag of 3-Werf are sailing on new artistic streams towards known continents and to be discovered continents… to be short, 3-Werf is a pilot-submarine of creativity in continual research of poetic exploration.

In course of time, perpetual naval tracks have been disposed :
« De Lanzedeners » multilinguistic ’ House of Rhetoric ’ who started a ‘Never Ending Poem’ since 1996 ;
« Omerta », cooperative of painters, devoted to silence
« P.A.C.-Foundation » created to saveguard and propagate the ideas of Peter Arthur Caesens and his inheritance, among others the « A.B.I.L. » ( the All But Ideal Library) & his voice and his bell of ‘Crier’.


ANNE LETORE (inventress of stories - go-between of food)
& CHRISTOPH BRUNEEL (artist - gardener of languages and frogs )

Transfrontier smallpress (France-Belgium ) with B.I.O. recepies (Beautiful Imagination of Origins)

For L’ÂNE QUI BUTINE ( The Donkey that collects ) Christoph Bruneel, bookmaker & restorer of books and Anne Letoré chief of fabrication, both create artistbooks that not necessarily stand up : a ball made of a long inscribed thong of paper, a book to suspend, a meat-circular printed on a ...death-circular...

« The Donkey » has published about 70 writers (France, Belgium (French & Flemish), Québec, Switzerland…) on its own funds. All writers have a poetic attitude and beatitude towards « the Donkey » (!)… the perfection of character ?

At « The Donkey’s House » few satellites gravitate on orbit around the ‘book’ . Created in its own imagination, the book invites itself into the writing of any chosen author, and constructs itself without any restraint of time. With « The Donkey » it’s for eternity !

The world of « The Donkey » is also specifically a weaving of meetings articulating the collection between text & image, object & book, line & page.

Sometimes « The Donkey » unveils itself to the world by the way of ephemeral poetic actions : in a tree, near a source, around multidimensional expositions, around a meal on a theme...

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